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All Things & Everything in Between

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Purposeful Life: A passion-driven guided journal, is a journal for everyone who is looking to find their passion to their purpose for fulfillment. This journal was created to compel writers to dig deep for self-discovery based on prompts one may not have ever thought to ask or to ponder. Allow this journal to push you in the process of healing for your growth and your glow.

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Mental Zen

Loose Leaf Tea: A handcrafted blend of herbs to help relieve stress and anxiety while calming the mind.

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Our Together We are Stronger Family Fun Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 30, 2023 from 4-7pm at Kitty Hollow Park (Pavilion F) located at 9555 Hwy 6, Missouri City, Texas 77459. Please come out to participate. We would love to have you join us!

Here's the link to register:

Here's the link to assist with items for the event:

Together, We Are Stronger Family Fun Day - Amazon Gift List -

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Mind Matters is a team of mental health professionals, coaches and advocates, focused on eradicating the stigma surrounding mental illness in the BIPOC community. It is our belief that mental wellness requires a holistic approach of, mind, body & spirit. Located on the BHC Media Network found on Ruku TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or BHC Media Network app on Android or Apple devices.


This book was created for all women who have ever found themselvs in a place of needed strength, passd strength,misguided strength, or damaged upon strength. This is a book that says...we are more than the branded definition of the "S" of others. This book encourages women that we can settle into a more self guided definition of the "S" we choose to wear and not the labels that we are forced to wear.

Taking the S of my chest Workbook.jpg

As a cultural icon, Black Women are accredited to their resilience in the face of systemic oppression that has dismantled families and made economic stability a formidable challenge. She is self-sufficient and self-sacrificing. She is a provider, caretaker and homemaker. The pressures of being a Black Superwoman are associated race and gender bias that speculates Black women will fail. As a result of African American chattel slavery that has served as the origin of the unrealistic expectations put on Black women. It is helpful to know about the history of the pressure on Black women to be everything to everyone and to always be okay. In our book “Taking the S off my chest” Breaking The Super Woman Syndrome - The authors who also serve as mental health and wellness specialists, coaches and advocates explore this topic with great candor. This workbook serves as the companion to the book, “ Taking the S off my Chest” Through Mind Matters seminars, classes or symposiums, we will explore this subject matter with deep introspection to discover where we fit on the spectrum of the “ Super Woman” complex. It is our hope and prayer that each woman who reads our book and workbook will experience liberty from the shackles that culture and society has placed upon Black Women. As you read through this workbook we hope that you will disrobe your “ Super Woman Cape” and discover that you no longer need to strive to be everything to everyone and that your super power lives within you and comes from God who is the source of your strength

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